Some Joke Links to Make You Laugh!!!

Poland's Official Web Page!!!: Go Back Home
Poland's Official Joke Page!!!: Funniest Jokes on the Web!!!
Real Ebonics!!!: So you want to learn Ebonix??!!!
Funny Country Westerns!!!: All these song names are weird but absolutly true!!!
Redneck Jokes!!!: Are you a redneck???!!!
More Redneck Jokes!!!: Are you a redneck yet?!!!
Yep, More Redneck Jokes!!!: Not a redneck yet huh?!!!
Another 100 Jokes!!!: Were almost through I promise!!!
Last 100 hundred Redneck Jokes!!!: See I told you we were through!!!

Friendly Maine Links!!!

My Father's Web Page: Wonderful place, go visit!!
My Uncle Joe's Site: Go here if you like Coke
My cousin Todd's site: Great Baby Pictures and other things!!!
My cousin Matt's site.: Great place, go visit!
Poland's Official Friend site!!!: Friends of this sites creators...Go meet them they won't bite!
Chris Site!!!: A special friend who wanted his own space!!!
Peach's Corner!!!: Another special friend who wanted her own space!!!
Quotes to live by!!!: Do you need some inspiration...
Yahoo Village: Meet real yahoo hicks from Poland Maine!!!
Learn about Maine!!!: History, science and art...All the things that make Maine, Maine!!!

Fun Links!!!

Wizards Of the Coast!!!: Creators of Magic: The Gathering
Magic: The Gathering Home page!!!: Magic cards and rules of the game.
Paul and Judy's Cards!: A place to buy collectables!
TLCards: Trading cards
Solaria: Funest gaming site on the web!!!

Helpful links for exploring the web!!!

Altavista: Fastest serch engine on the web. I think...
Hotmail: Free web based E-Mail, the only way to go!
Tripod: Make your own web pages and more!!!
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